The Inclusive Code Podcast - Episode 1: What to expect from the series

In the first episode of our Inclusive Code Podcast series, Darleen guides us through what to expect from the episodes, including topics, guests and release schedule.

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Below is a full transcript of the episode with everything that Darleen covers.

What to Expect from the Inclusive Code Series

Hello, and welcome to the Inclusive Code podcast. I'm your host, Darleen, and what a day to be presenting this to you. This podcast means so much to me personally, but this is actually only one out of three parts of Inclusive Code, so make sure that you go check out the events and safe spaces that we are hosting as well.

So here we are. This is just a very quick introductory episode, so it'll be short and sweet. I will just be giving you an overview of the topics that we will cover and potentially answering any questions that you might have. 

The topics

As you might be able to tell from the name Inclusive Code, and the fact that we have included DEI in the title is that this podcast will be focused on diversity, equity and inclusion. But that is just an umbrella that is a really big umbrella, that's a very broad topic that we can talk about for a very long time. Some of the things that we will be covering in these episodes will range from accessibility, belonging, women in tech, the LGBTQIA+ community, inclusive hiring to neurodivergence in the workplace. There is a lot, and that's only just a handful of the topics that I want to cover with this platform.

The guests

The guests will be of all sorts of different backgrounds and levels, which will bring many different insights because that's exactly what we want, we want to expand our viewpoints, we want to expand our insights and our knowledge. And that can only be done by speaking to one another and hearing other people's experiences, and them sharing their wisdom with us as well. I'm looking forward to learning a lot and just sharing these conversations with you.

The conversations

In terms of the recordings themselves, the episodes themselves, I want you to know that these are not scripted; you might hear some of the questions that I might ask are very similar, or one of them might even stay the same every now and then. But these are conversations, and I want them to stay conversations so they can have a very intuitive rhythm, which means that sometimes we might go off track a little bit to the general topic in question. I just wanted to give you a heads up about that, you know, because conversations or conversations and that that's what we're here for. We wanted to be organic, we wanted to be open and honest. That's what I'm here for. I hope you enjoy that.

The schedule

You can expect these episodes every two weeks. That's what we're aiming for. I'm very excited to be sharing that with you. So, just make sure to stay connected. But you can expect it every two weeks for a new episode to be coming out.

That is kind of the bulk of the information that I really just wanted to share with you because, at the end of the day, this is just an overview; what matters is the actual content that is going to be coming out that I'm so just excited to share with you. These conversations have been so insightful, and as I've already said, I've learned a lot already, and there's only more to learn. Some of these people, all of these people, are incredibly inspiring and just have messages that I think really need to be heard.

I really look forward to seeing how you will get involved in this and how this can help you in your day to day. I just look forward to tuning in and just the insights that we can bring to this community

- End of episode

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1st February